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Grace Family & Collaborative Law

Legal support for a graceful transition to a new beginning

Welcome to Grace Family & Collaborative Law

Grace Family & Collaborative Law is a family & collaborative law firm that provides legal support to separating partners who wish to separate amicably. We understand that separation is a human experience that is best addressed by a humanistic process to resolve conflict. We are committed to supporting you through separation or divorce and helping you resolve matters in a respectful and dignified manner. We’ve helped countless couples find the resolutions they need by finding the peaceful compromises they’ve been looking for when it comes to their home, their assets, and most importantly, their children.


With Grace Family & Collaborative Law, you can move toward a more collaborative-based problem-solving approach.

Find the best solutions for you and your family with Grace Family & Collaborative Law today.

Divorces Aren’t Really The End

There’s no denying that divorces can be difficult. The journey you’ve embarked on with your partner has come to a close, but even so, signing your divorce papers doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. You have options, and you have many opportunities. Get informed about what those options are and rest assured that with Grace Family & Collaborative Law, every legal stride is one we’ll face together.

Support Right Where You Are

We are a fixed fee family law firm. Our main office is located in Brisbane, but we’re available to provide information and legal support to anywhere in Australia. We understand that there is rarely a “right time” for divorce or separation. And if you have a busy schedule, Grace Family & Collaborative Law can work with you to provide the legal information you need to start on your divorce or family matters.

Finding Amicable Solutions, Out of Court

Even if you and your former partner are no longer on the best of terms, Grace Family & Collaborative Law can help you find a path to an amicable solution that’s right for you.

We are committed to minimising the financial and emotional impact your separation will have on you and your family. 

We’ve helped countless couples find the terms that were right for them, and in our experience, we’ve found that in most circumstances, open communication and professional problem-solving mediation is enough to open a new door for everyone at the table.