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What Happens to Property Owned Before the Relationship or Marriage During a Property Settlement?

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
09/07/2024 10:00 AM
A common question with property settlements after the breakdown of a marriage or relationship is, ‘If I owned it before the relationship or marriage, is it excluded from my property settlement?’ The s...

A Simplified Guide to Splitting Property in Australia

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
11/09/2023 14:17 PM
Australia’s no-fault laws on divorce were established in 1975 with the enactment of the Family Law Act 1975. No-fault divorce laws make it easier to separate. Couples can now simply say their marriage...

Am I in a de facto relationship?

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
28/08/2023 12:49 PM
“When am I in a de facto relationship?” is a commonly asked question when couples form a new relationship and start thinking about protecting assets they may have acquired before the relationship or...

Creating The Perfect Parenting Plan

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
19/06/2023 12:00 PM
How Do I Make A Parenting Plan? A parenting plan is a voluntary agreement that records the day-to-day responsibilities of each parent, as well as how parents will agree and consult on major...

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Property Settlement

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
18/05/2023 15:00 PM
Most separating couples ending their marriage or de facto relationship reach an agreement about their property division without expensive litigation and drawn-out legal battles. It is vital that...

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
20/02/2023 14:49 PM
What is Collaborative Family Law? We like to think of collaborative family law as a respectful and peaceful way to separate. Collaborative practice allows separating couples to resolve matters about t...

“What’s Mine” and “What’s Yours”

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
24/01/2023 10:07 AM
What happens to assets owned before a de facto relationship or marriage? A primary concern for many separating or divorcing couples in Australia is what will happen to their property or assets owned...

Stop! This Cryptocurrency Is Not Ready Yet!

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
17/01/2023 17:10 PM
What is cryptocurrency? Can cryptocurrency be included in a property settlement? Whether in a “bull” or “bear” market, the value of any interest in cryptocurrency will certainly be considered part of...

Do I need to pay child support through the Child Support Agency?

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
08/11/2022 10:59 AM
If you and your former spouse agree that you want to make a formal private child support agreement (instead of being subject to an assessment through the Child Support Agency), there are two types of...

Managing Stress after Separation or Divorce

Posted By Tarryn Rea,
24/10/2022 14:18 PM
Going through divorce or separation is never easy. Stress, depression, and negative emotions can impact any one of us at any time and are very real emotions. If you feel that you may be experiencing...